The 7 Best High Visibility Jackets

7. Gerber Soft Shell

Hikers, bikers, and night runners might be interested in this Gerber Soft Shell that functions as a windbreaker while also alerting others to your presence. The lining is a bit thin for PPE, but it’s superb for any outdoor athlete, dog walker, or crossing guard.

6. Carhartt Thermal Sweatshirt

f your occupation allows for a relaxed dress code, this Carhartt Thermal Sweatshirt might be a decent fit for you. While this hoodie may not have elaborate compartments, it does meet all requirements for occupational safety wear, and it’s extremely comfortable, as well.

5. Helly Hansen Potsdam

If you work in a warm-weather climate, the Helly Hansen Potsdam might provide a lightweight alternative to other fleece-lined apparel. This poly-nylon slicker has zippers under both sleeves for providing ventilation across the chest so you can stay dry without overheating.

4. Majestic Glove

The Majestic Glove combines economy & style by providing a high-collared bomber design with a quilt lining & a matching cap. It comes with several zip-up pockets including one cushioned compartment for storing cellphones and meets all ANSI protective safety standards.

3. Jorestech Bomber

The Jorestech Bomber comes with elastic cuffs and an elastic waist for providing a snug fit. This apparel meets all ANSI and OSHA standards for safety, including regulations for reflective tape. The polyurethane fabric is waterproof, and all pockets either seal or zip up.

2. Class 3 Two Tone

If you have to wear reflective gear year-round, this Class 3 Two Tone might fit the bill. This model features a neon fleece liner which can be removed and worn by itself during warm-weather months. It also features Teflon fabric that is stain-resistant and water-repellent.

1. Carhartt Insulated Sherwood

Unlike most safety vests, the Carhartt Insulated Sherwood is form-fitting to make you look and feel stylish, even when you’re on the clock. The fabric is brushed polyester, the seams are waterproof, and the design exceeds all ANSI Class 3, Level 2 visibility standards.



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